Resources for Teachers

who might be interested in what we are doing. Support teachers you will find some of these familiar and some will be new... Enjoy!

I have gathered resources from all over the web. Thank you to all you teachers across the country who posted worthy links that work in this subject area of history. If you find any thing might contribute to this
effort please contact me or join this wiki.

Online Resources Wiki: a great source of online databases and research

Primary Sources wiki

Resources for History Teachers wiki

History and Social Studies: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Teach American History

Primary Source Materials and Document Based Questions

Jack Daw Resources You must pay for these; they are good.

Flagstaff Academy: Primary Sources

Civic Literacy wiki

American Revolution movie
African Kingdoms: free lessons
African presentations in PowerPoint: see ancient kingdoms
American History Documents: from Revolution to Reconstruction
Primary Source list on many subjects
Thematic Units on Explorers
Online Resources: general history
Lesson Plans: Middle School SS
LOC: Primary Resources
7th Grade Daily Activities & Warmups: Livebinder

Blooms: fun animation that explains the thinking. Click on the link below.

Blooms Taxonomy: see the animation

Civility List:

Making Introductions
How Tables Manners Became Polite
"Good Manners"
George Washington's Rules of Civility
Don't Gross Out the World
Miss Business Business Manners Quiz
Miss Manners Online

On Blended classrooms and Flipped learning, check out these resources:
Flipped Classroom
Discovery Learning: the digital SS text book
This is the future
Blended in Quotes from the teachers who use online instruction with face to face instruciton.
Students for Tomorrow
Social Media Counts

See the video from Mark Prensky about children in the 21st century:
Digital Native

Our students have changed radically

Learning to love the iGeneration