Resources for Students

Please explore and become very familiar with these resources. They are ones you will use in this class. More will be added later.

S.S. Textbook online web site: Use the guide I gave you in class for step by step directions. Click the guide link to review.

The Quiz Show is loaded on the P-lab, Media Center and classroom computers.

It covers all the content that might be on the on the SS program tests.
It is worth your time to practice before and after school in tutorial where computers are open.

I will be giving out handouts when it is time to use some of these tools. You can find them all online by doing a search. Some you will have to sign up for at home with your parent's permission. Most are free. Some apps might have a very low fee but they will be worth using on your mobile device.


AnswerGarden: an easy link which will be posted for quick class responses, poles, etc. These are generated as the need arises. This eliminated the need for expensive response clickers.

Audible: listen to books on any, iPad, iPhone, etc. This company is associated with Amazon. The nice thing is if you want just an episode of the Ken Burns documentaries of American history you can choose just the section you want to have a very low cost. One recommendation is Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen. This is both a fiction story of the American Revolution and a non-fiction resource with information sections included within each chapter.

Cool Text: Free graphics generator

Edmodo: networking for teachers and students; you must get the class code and set up your own account with your parent's permission. Be sure to get my handout and directions first.

iKeepbookmarks: contains folders of many categories of web site resources and lists. This is my account and I will give you the login and password at the right time.

Glogster: tool to create online posters; you may create your own account. The advantage is that you can use this in more than just my class. We will talk about glogster in class.

Kahn Academy: you can set up your own account and ask for me as your coach so that I can guide you to the right resources and videos in KA. While this has some videos there will be other links to use also. This is a great way to collaborate with classmates and have online discussions.
Create a wall with all the ideas from your teacher and friends. Read about five ways to use Padlet in the classroom.

Prezi: multimedia presentation tool that works on computers, iPads/tablets, iPhones/smart phones and is cross platform. You must set up your own free account with your parent's permission. Watch the video tutorials. It is fun! Here is an example of a timeline about the colonies.

ReadMe Resources by the National Schools Partnership

Graphic Novel Creator is in this group of tools: click on it to start your own on a SS topic.

Voki: you can have a free account (with your parent permission) and create your own avatar. I have used Voki avatars on many of my wiki pages. Just follow the directions, it is easy and fun.

Wiki: wikis are a tool for blended learning and will contain guides, lists and schedules for this class. You do not need a code for this unless I request it.
There is a discussion feature for you to use. You may use your first name, last initial and block number (JohnT B5) or use your class code B5.17.

Class code for class and online class tools:

See your teacher if you are using any.
Collaboration with your classmates:

Text book web sites:

S. S. Textbook web site: just in case you forgot....
Other SS textbook companies also have some nice resources to use:
The Media Library from McGraw Hill: see video clips
Follow the directions to select a video or resource about the chapter we are studying.
Glencoe Web Site has many video clips
Khan Academy

Online Resource wiki: this has great links for research

Primary Sources wiki: on American History

Finding, Using Citing Primary Resources and Documents

5 Themes of Geography from another teacher's wiki: Mrs. Mertens

The 10 x 10 Resources (very cool)

Research Resources:

Writing Guides:

external image h81SK7PT4TKuMfLwWs7CvJo4hwTHcZa9vPuAMW7KRIAlqCVO1XFESi9Q_okBHi5fqj8lIXI7YcFHFg0ECObgKVzSbyNdgCYCz-3u1-4XwxJc81J1XEiO5b0I
Evidenced Based Writing from Mr. Clobes classroom
Using Textual Evidence
Read, Write, Think
Middle School Writing Guide
IPL: teen guide to writing and research

Writing extras:

Clip art by Philip Martin

Look at these heroes for Inspiration: who do you want to be like?

Have some extra time and want to make a difference?

Play educational games to help end world hunger
American History Free Games and Activities for Kids
Geography Games

Online Behavior:

The following guidelines are taken from Mr. Wildboer's wiki...taken verbatim because I think they are perfect reminders to how to ensure you leave positive digital footprints and protect your reputation online


These are guidelines to keep in mind whenever editing or commenting online.
  • Thou shalt add value. If you're editing, make sure you improving what already existed on the page. If you create a page, make sure it's something that might be useful for others. If you're leaving comments they shouldn't be personal attacks. You can disagree with comments and challenge the thoughts of others, but don't go after the individual. Instead explain your position and why you disagree
  • Remember thy manners. This site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. Anyone can also view every change made (even if you go back and re-edit). This is a great feature (you won't lose info even if your computer crashes!), but could cause problems if you're posting first & writing second.
  • Punctuate. Spell. Capitalize. You won't necessarily be graded on punctuation and grammar, but that's no excuse to have no punctuation or type everything as one lower-case run-on sentence. Remember that others can view this work and it should reflect your best effort.
  • Cite thy sources. If you got information from another website, book, or magazine, be sure you provide a link to that website or mention you got it from the book or magazine (even if you've put the information into your own words). Unless you actually took the picture yourself, be sure to at least provide a link back to where you found the picture.
  • Use your own words. Never copy directly from a source. Be sure you put the information into words in a way that makes sense to you. Simply copying and pasting doesn't show that you understand the information.
Other useful guides:

19th Century


Streaming Video

Cool Translator

Listen to your writing be read back to you

Ok not for research...Movie Downloads
educational videos

CSI Social Studies

Help with Colors

USA Demographics

Online Video Editor
Comic Tools: create your own comic strip for your project

01. ComicsSketch

A tool for people who can actually draw! Create all content via pen and color tools.

02. Toondoo

Create your own 1, 2, or 3 panel cartoons using a library of cartoons, text bubbles. Images can be uploaded and manipulated with simple tools. Created "doos" can be combined into "ToonBooks", embedded in blogs, etc. A lot of versatility.

03. Kerpoof

A fun to use cartoon tools with stock shapes and character bubbles. No import of media, no audio, no ability to create links or embed code.

04. Comiqs

Turn photos, "doodles", and text into a multipane comic strip. Import photos from flickr or upload from desktop. Add bubbles, text.

05. ComicCreator from ReadWriteThink

The Comic Creator is an interactive tool that invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts.

06. Make Beliefs Comix

Make your own comics online with!

07. Strip Creator

Strip Creator, is used in classrooms to create strips quickly.

08. Piki Kids

Another comic creator tool online.

09. Pixton

Redefine the comic.

10. Bitstrips

Comic creator tool--easy to use

Neat Search Tool

Civil War

Lesson Plans (Would you like to teach a class? Here are some idea starters!)

Help for your oral presentation

So who really owns the website you are using for research?

Vocabulary Tools: - The quickest, most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.

Quizlet - Study vocab, create your own flashcards and share them with your friends!

FlashCard Machine - Create your own FlashCards!

CueFlash - Online Flashcard Generator The Fun Way to Build Vocabulary Skills! Vocabulary Building Made Fun UpdatedAcademic Vocabularyis an initiative of Tennessee's Department of Education. Build your vocabulary through never-ending games powered with real-world usage and tailored to your skill level.