Welcome 7th Graders!

Mrs. Bernahl

You are the new HistoricalSevens and we will be exploring and learning many new things.

Please follow your teacher's instructions as you use this wiki.

Getting Started

  • Click on the HistoricalSevens 7th Grade SS page to begin
  • The table of contents or directory is in the right hand column
  • Many of the links on these pages are interactive and have a different color
  • Explore all of the sections in the directory so you will know where the resources are
  • There is a page of more resources for students that lists items not in other sections
  • There is a special page just for your parents

Daily Routine: Do as your teacher directs!

Be on Time – be in your seats and ready to learn.
Be Prepared – bring all required materials to class, get your drinks and bathroom needs taken care of before class
Be Cooperative with peers and adults: no talking out of turn…raise your hand to be recognized & ask a question
Be Respectful with others, property, and yourself: focus only on your tasks
Be the Difference – Make good decisions

Each class will begin with a warm up and entries will be collected as asked by the teacher
All assignments should have first and last name, period and date at top of page
After the warm exercise, you might see a video clip or be instructed on the class activity or assignment
At the end of class a cool down note may be asked for or dicussed before you are dismissed
All supplies, books, etc. must be returned to their proper place and you must show your teacher you are ready to be dismissed
Remember the teachers dismiss you not the bell when you show them you are ready (that means sitting quietly)

Need Help?

Please ask me or respond in the wiki feedback area. This will be a resource you will use a lot

Just for fun click on this link to see a video created by Mr. Peel with an overview

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