Connections: getting to know you...

Welcome to Seventh grade Social Studies class.

Getting Started

Be sure to tell your teacher what learning styles you think you have; we might discuss this in class.

Things you will need for our Class

Supplies: you must have 2 pencils, 2 erasable pens, a set of colored pencils and markers, a highlighter, eraser, glue sticks, crayons, scissors, flash drive.

Phone numbers of 2 other people in your class: it is essential that you have a classmate's phone number in case you miss class and need the assignment. You are responsible for makeup work!

Classmates phone numbers, class website and email address: if you miss a class, call a buddy or check the website for details.
You can call the homework hotline also.

Online we will be using Edmodo and the HistoricalSevens wiki web site for class updates. There will be many other online tools you will be using as they are introduced. A list will be in Resources for Students. Stay tuned.

Create a place to study: you need a place in your home where you can study comfortably.

Use your time wisely: You can make life better for yourself by staying organized.
  • Write down your assignments and check them often.
  • Keep your backpack, folders, binders in order right from the beginning.
  • Stay on top of assignments; do not put them off till the last minute. Better to keep up than make up.
  • Pack your stuff for school before you go to bed. This makes everything so much easier in the morning. Double check before you hit the sack.
Set your priorities and stick to them:
  • Put your schoolwork first. Get it done before you head for the phone, TV, sports, etc.
  • Choose your friends wisely. If you hang with friends who want to succeed in school, you can help each other. If you hand with those who are flunking, you will not be encouraged to do your homework.
  • Don't let TV rule your life. Set a limit for yourself.
  • Learn to hang up the phone. Learn to say, "Can I call you back in an hour?" and finish the homework before you start yakking!

Learn to cope with problems and to solve them quickly and creatively. Even A+ students can have problems with tough assignments, getting used to new schedules, a boring topic, and other teachers. There are many ways to deal with these such as...
  • Teachers: try to let the good teachers set the tone for your day; don't let a class you have trouble in discourage you.
  • Be completely prepared, prompt and alert in hard classes; that way you will be less likely to have a conflict.
  • Get help if you are experiencing a problem. We all want to see you succeed.
  • Spend more time on your harder classes than the easy ones. Do the homework for the tough class first.
  • Ask questions about anything you do not understand.
  • Buddy up with one or two good students in the class so you can get help.
  • Never skip a class.
  • Go to tutorial if you need help after school.
  • Don't procrastinate! Putting a tough assignment off is a sure fire way to get behind.
  • Reward yourself for a job completed.

Need Help?

  • Go to the Resources Page for links to many kinds of resources for you to use
An overview video link by Mr. Peel is ready; just click on this link if you have not sen it.