Government Project

Select the Amendment you want to create a project on.
Select the media you will use: PowerPoint, a Publisher Brochure, Director project, an online poster, podcast or movie. Use a media planning form to draft out your project.

We have some great music about the branches of government courtesy of Mr. Peel that will be listed on this page.

Your project must have approval first. Some tools to use at home are AudioBoo, home video camera with an upload to YouTube, etc. If you create your project with an online program, you must give me the link to grade it. See the student resources page in this wiki for more ideas. Remember all school rules apply to projects.

Some questions that must be answered in your project are...

* Who was involved in the issue addressed by the proposed amendment?
* Who helped pass the amendment?
* What was the purpose of the amendment?
* What was or were the issue(s) that prompted the proposed amendment?
* Where did the issue take place?
* When did it happen (time period in history), when was the amendment
* When was it passed or ratified?
* Why was the amendment proposed?
* How was the amendment structured?
* How did the passage of the Amendment change American culture?
* Did the passage of the amendment solve the problem?
* Did the passage of the amendment create new problems?
* What famous people were involved in the amendment's cause, creation, or
legal results?
* Any major court cases associated with the amendment?
* Provide your audience with a "trick" to remembering this amendment.