New Republic Unit 1800-1860
Chapters 8-11

The Jefferson Era 1800-1815

Section 1 Jefferson Becomes President
Section 2 The Louisiana Purchase
Section 3 The Coming War
Section 4 The War of 1812


This is a very good summary

Extensions and Extra Credit

Movie Clips:

Expansion American History in HD
1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition Documentary on You Tube
Lewis and Clark: Documentary on Lewis and Clark Expedition (National Geographic)
1803 Marbury VS. Madison
War of 1812
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson's Castle - Monticello
At the Jefferson Memorial--America the Beautiful with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Web Sites:

Discovering Lewis and Clark A great resource covering many topics
PBS: Lewis and Clark (Ken Burns)
Meriwether Lewis A biography
William Clark A biography
Pike's Expedition
War of 1812
Online poster example is below. Try one as an extension activity.