Creating a Consitution

Chapter 6 PowerPoint

This is a very good summary of this chapter.
Vocabulary List

Sections in the chapter:

Section 1 Understanding the Constitution

A copy of the Constitution of the United States is in this section of the text.
Online versions are listed below.

Section 2 The Bill of Rights

Section 3 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Copies of the constitution are below.

Download the booklet with the Constitution here for review and practice.

Constitution in script writing: if you like the beautiful script writing of the time
Video Audio reading of the US Constitution Words are highlighted as it is read
PBS: Members of the United States Congress Read the US Constitution

Library of Congress: Congress for Kids This is a great resource for students

Some important questions to think about and know answers to:

What are the principles that were used to create the U.S. Constitution?

How did the "Great Compromise" help create the government we have today?

Who can run for President? Senate? House of Representatives?

How does a law become a law?

What are your rights as a citizen of the U.S.?

Can the President do what ever he or she wants? Why?

Does the U.S. Government oversee schools or does the State of Illinois? Why?

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Constitution Rock & Rap! (Mr. Peel's)

Print this out to practice with; you used it last fall for Constitution Day.
Preamble in Song: School House Rock...3 min More of a folk sound with animated characters
You might memorize the preamble and hopefully you will not be like this next video but
you might be in 20 or 30 years if you forget it...You in 10-30 years.
Constitution Rap by School group with an overview
Constitution in SongSchool group song
Bill of Rights: We Get Knocked Down (by Mr. Peel)
Bill of Rights in Song (2 min)
Bill of Rights Rap by Smart Songs
Another Rap on the Bill of Rights


Introduction to the United States Constitution (3 min)
Just the Facts: US Constitution (1 min.)
6 Principals of the US Constitution (2.5 min.)
Tour: US Constitution at the National Archives
Understanding the US Constitution webinar part 1 (8.25 min) this has more depth
Understanding the US Constitution part 2
Inside the White House - The President's Cabinet (6 min. video) Comments by President Obama
Electing the U.S. President - 4 min. video in Plain English
Govt Made Easy - The President's Cabinet (5 min. video)
The Judicial Branch by HS Students - 6 min. video Our Courts Video Series: Judicial Branch
Judicial Review - 5 min. video
I'm Just a Bill: Schoolhouse Rock
Liberty's Kids #40 We The People: animated cartoon
NFL on Fox: Declaration of Independence and the Armed Forces


Memorize the preamble and create a Power Point presentation that explains what it means
Other Projects are available in the classroom

More Resources on the constitution:

Documents of Freedom site
US Justice Teaching Lesson Plans Page: variety of interactive items
Our Jury System at Play: interactive game
This includes videos, games, interactive web sites, etc.
Understanding the constitution: a webinar slide show 5 key concepts you should know
Brain Pop: you can have a home subscription for this, just follow the directions; there are several games, just click on this link
CCMS Game on the Constitution is below

Click here for larger version

Ben's Guide to US Government for kids Be sure to click on the links below the cartoon too!
Quia: Scavenger Hunt on Branches of Government

Constitution Hangman
Checks and Balances Game
27 Amendments
Flash Card Set 1763 through the US Constitution
Legislative Branch Game
Election and Government Games
Win the White House
Congress for Kids ... a game
Bill of Rights in the News
Bill of Rights Matching Game
Bill of Rights Flash Card Set

Practice Quiz or tests:

News Flash: we will have the Constitution Test Friday, Feb. 14th

Learn the Peel Rap listed above, use the chapter PowerPoint outline and practice!
Other practice web sites from other schools are below….you will learn a lot; some are easy, some hard…enjoy!
Quia: Branches of Government

CCMS Study Exam Part I

Constitution Test, part 1

US Constitution Test #2

US Constitution Test # 3: Holt’s US History

Constitution Test # 4

US Constitution Test 5 Amendments

Constitution Test #6 (Preamble)