Forming a Government 1777-1791

1. Articles of confederation
2. A New Nation Faces Challenges
3. Creating A Constitution
See the page on the Consitution
3 Branches of Government

4. Ratifying the Constitution
PowerPoint: covers all the major concepts in the chapter

Vocabulary: identify the part of speech, create the definition, give a sample sentence using the vocabulary word and create a picture to illustrate the word.

This is extra credit: Directions are on the .pdf document.

Web Sites:
Library of Congress for Kids: Congress for Kids
Documents of Freedom
Movie clips:
Articles of Confederation and Constitution a quick review in 4 min. in outline form
Articles of Confederation: after the war problems arise: 6 min review of the economic weaknesses
Birth of the Republic
American Revolution - 1776: George W.
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1776
Liberty's Kids: #26 Honor and Compromise
The Constitution, the Articles, and Federalism: crash course
Other web sites:
Ms. Avery's US History Wiki Page: The New Republic….
See the booklet about the New Republic and several presidential administrations


Ben's Guide to US Government for kids
Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp
United States Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Confederation to Constitution

Vocab game Confederation to Constitution 1776-1791