Declaration of Independence

Information you should know
What are the different types of government and what type of government did the U.S. have during the Revolutionary War? What type of government does the U.S. have today?

If you were to create your own government, what type of government would you use?

Why did the colonists want independence from Great Britain?

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

Who wrote the DOI and what events lead to it being created?external image 1WF4cvVAUXNgImmLmwotP5h2dZODqoNMUwXAJBI77JZmxxTefsnDZmustcAgwdIGsu84dt5xzStvJPt8q2z1yMqh5-WuvI5ySejwBB2kGrBGZCZhidgMV94Y

US Government Archives information on the DOI
Library of Congress: guide to the American Revolution
US Archives DOI
Declaration of Independence: how it came about
Video clip on the DOI an analysis of the 7 parts

Maps & Charts

Battles of Lexington and Concord - Map in Motion
Check all of these links, they have interactive parts
Check out the animated poster of Lexington and Concord by clicking on this link


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Declaration of Independence