The American Revolution 1774-1783

Sections in this chapter:
1. The Revolution Begins
See the page on Lexington and Concord by clicking on this link
2. The Declaration of Independence
See the separate page by clicking on this link
3. Struggle for Liberty
4. Independence

Vocabulary list

Chapter 4 PowerPoint: reviews all the major concepts in chapter 4

(extra credit; print it out)
Project for this chapter: you will be assigned a topic to create a newspaper article on during the time period.
Create the rough draft first on the form below or on your notebook paper. Use Publisher which has templates for you to choose from; hand in when complete.

Extension Activities:
Paul Revere's Ride: Memorize the poem and recite it to the class
Option 1:Create a booklet illustrating the poem: Use Publisher, (each verse should have it's own page)
Option 2: Create a poster about the poem source for the poem
Listen to the Poem read
Paul Revere web site

Text Extensions Activities

See page 116, Critical Thinking #5
See page 121, Critical Thinking #4
See page 134, Critical Thinking #6
See page 139, Critical Thinking #4
See page 144, A Biographical Narrative: follow the directions and publish your narrative in Word or Publisher.

Audible Book: Woods Runner Please go to or to download the book at a low cost. Listen to this when you have time.
This is a survival story on the frontier during events that lead to the Revolutionary War.

Movie Clips:

The American Revolution: 10 minute version Good review of events in sequence.
The American Revolution - 1776 Condensed, narrated by Bill Kurtis; about 50 min.
American Revolution e04 narrated by Bill Kurtis Part 2 about 45 min.
Documentary: The American Revolution of 1776 Battle for Canada
The Story of Us: Revolution Part 1 longer documentaries
America--the story of us---episode 2--Revolution-(HQ 720p): story of the Continental Army, British naval attack on NY, the DOI, ending with the Battle of Yorktown
American History in HD_2 British naval battle for New York in HD; same as above.
The Revolution Part 2 documentary ending with the victory at Dorchester Heights
America's Final Victory -1781
Yankee Doodle clip in song
Johnny Tremain (full movie version)
Liberty'sKids: for students who requested animated versions
01 The Boston Tea Party
- 02 The Intolerable Acts
- 03 United We Stand
- 04 Liberty or Death
- 05 Midnight Ride
- 06 The Shot Heard Round the World
- 07 Green Mountain Boys
- 08 The Second Continental Congress
- 09 Bunker Hill
- 10 Postmaster General Franklin
- 11 Washington Takes Command
- 12 Common Sense
- 13 The First Fourth of July
- 14 New York, New York
- 15 The Turtle
- 16 One Life to Lose
- 17 Captain Molly
- 18 American Crisis
- 19 Across the Delaware
- 20 An American in Paris
- 21 Sybil Ludington
- 22 Lafayette Arrives
- 23 The Hessians Are Coming
- 24 Valley Forge
- 25 Allies at Last
- 26 Honor and Compromise
- 27 The New Frontier
- 28 Not Yet Begun to Fight
- 29 The Great Galvez
- 30 In Praise of Ben
- 31 Bostonians
- 32 Benedict Arnold
- 33 Conflict in the South
- 34 Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution
- 35 James Armistead
- 36 Yorktown
- 37 Born Free and Equal
- 38 The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
- 39 Going Home
- 40 We the People


Revolutionary War Medley-Robert Shaw Choral
Fife and Drums of Yorktown (re-enactment)
Revolutionary Alphabet

Online activities: optional and fun; print out the scores and hand them in

Colonial Williamsburg History: The Revolution
Taxation without Representation

Taxation without Representation with the challenge board

British Taxes: hangman

Review of the American Revolution1

Review of the American Revolution2

American Revolution: challenge board
Am. Rev. Flash Cards
American Revoluton: flashcards
American Revolution cards 2

American Revolution

American Independence Vocab Practice
George Washington “First in War, First in Peace, First in the hearts of his countrymenrags to riches
Alexander Hamilton
Key Events of the Revolutionary War
Who is Benjamin Franklin
Review in Prezi slide show: The American Revolution in 10 Events by Michael Geman

Practice Test