The Colonies, Chapter 3


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Land of the Brave

Sections in this chapter

Section 1: The Southern Colonies
Section 2: The New England Colonies
Section 3: The Middle Colonies
Section 4: Life in the English Colonies
Section 5: Conflict in the Colonies


Diagram of the 13 colonies
My Great Maps: create your own map


Music of the 13 Colonies May be played during project time


Evidence Based Writing from Mr. Clobes Classroom

Clips that go with Section 1

Jamestown video 1
Jamestown fort
Colony of Virgina 1
Powhatan Confederacy
Story of John Rolfe
Southern Colonies
Southern Colonies 2

Clips that go with Section 2

Plymouth Colony from
Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims
New England Colonies
John Winthrop
John Winthrop House remains ( a panoramic view of the foundation remains)
Education in the Colonies

Clips that go with Section 3

Middle Colonies
Colonial Cooking
Life as a Colonial Kid (Williamsburg)

Clips that go with Section 4

Free Streaming American History videos
The Colonial House
Colonial Kids

Clips that go with Section 5: Conflict in the Colonies

This goes into the causes of conflicts that leads to war
Events leading to Revolution
Rebels-American History start 16 minutes in

Other wikis about the 13 colonies:

7th Grade History-Life in the Colonies
13 Colonies Project
13 Original Colonies

Web Sites:

New England Colonies: geography and more
13 Colonies Regions
New England Colonies
Who came to the colony
Colonial History: Life in the colonies
Colonial Immigration 1600-1776
Immigration to Colonial Times
Middle Colonies
Southern Colonies
Library of Congress: America's Story
Read more:

American Colo Govt & Policies

Colonial Government and economy

Activities: Click on the links and follow directions.

Historical Figure Study: extension activity

  • Students may choose a historical figure from the 13 colonies who they are interested in. Such figures could include anyone from Pocahontas to William Bradford, but no two students should have the same person. Research the life of their chosen historical figure, including their achievements and how their actions influenced colonial America. Students may write a speech in first person depicting the life of their chosen historical figure. Students may present their speech speaking as the historical figure to the rest of the class. Students may dress in character to make the project more interesting. This project is appropriate for students in sixth through eighth grade.

How to create your own colony: extension activity: directions are on this web page

Interactive sites, games, flashcards, etc.

13 Colonies: Rags to Riches game
13 Original Colonies Regions Column
13 Original Colonies Columns Part II
Jamestown Money Game: rags to riches
History of Jamestown 1
History of Jamestown 2
New England:
New England Terms: flashcards
New England Terms: hangman
New England Terms Matching
Scholastic America Teaching resources and games
The Colony of Virginia
13 Colonies: rags to riches
Colonial Millionaire 2010: rags to riches
13 Colonies Hangman 1

13 Colonies Hangman

US Hist-Colonial Challenge: rags to riches
Colonization and Contact History
Colonial Tensions: rags to riches
Colonial America Vocabulary
The Farmers in Colonial times