New Empires in America 1400-1750

Chapter 2 in our text

Sections in this chapter:
1. Europeans Set Sail
2. Europeans Reach America
3. Spain Builds an Empire
4. Race for Empires
5. Beginnings of slavery in America


Project: See the Explorer's Project page

This is an extension for those who need a challenge
Organizer to collect information about an explorer

Extension Activitiy
Web Quest: An Adventure to the New World


Age of Exploration-Pre-Colonial America
Age of Exploration in Europe
Motivation for exploring
Maro Polo
Just the Facts: America's Explorers and Pioneers (Sir Francis Drake)
Explorer Videos by The Textbook Company (Glencoe):
1. Columbus episode
2. Spain in the Americas
3. Exploring North America...Leif Eriksson
National Geographic: Columbus
PBS: Columbus
Magellan 1 video
Magellan Voyage Part 1
Magellan Voyage Part II
Cortez 1
Cortez 2
Pizzaro, history channel
Pizzaro and the Incas: an enactment skit that is funny
Pizzaro's Conquest of the Incas (4 min video)
Machu Picchu - The Lost City of the Incas (2min video)
American History: the new world from Columbus to Spanish and English Colonists: black & while footage from USIS
(US Information Service)
Jacques Cartier
John Cabot
The Defeat of the Spanish Armada Video
Humorous version of the Spanish Armada
Henry Hudson
Renaissance Video - 6 min
History Channel on Explorers
PowerPoint slides on explorers
Protestant Reformation
PBS on the Protestant Reformation
Video: Early Explorer's song
Slavery in the Americas
Slavery part 1 History Channel
Part II
Part III
Slavery and the Making of America 1
Slavery and the Making of America 2
Slavery and the Making of America 3

Interactive web sites:

Explorers: a great list of web sites
Think Quest: Explorers
Explorers of NA
European Explorer KeyWord Match
Early Explorers
Age of Exploration
Explorer Millionaire: facts for the test
Christopher Columbus: rags to riches
Age of Exploration Practice Test
Enchanted Learning on Explorers
Scholastic hunt on explorers
Other Web Sites:
Explorer Gateway
Americas Early Explorers: click on the explorer name
American Journeys: Eyewitness accounts...
Pinterest: collection of project pictures
Once Upon a time...the explorers: this is a cartoon review of explorers from the ancient times