The Nation Breaks Apart Unit 5

The Civil War

Chapter 16 Sections:
Section 1 The War Begins
Section 2 The War in the East
Section 3 The War in the West
Section 4 Daily Life during the War
Section 5 The Tide of War Turns


Vocabulary list

The Civil War Timeline Notes

Movie Clip:

America the Story of Us: Lincoln
America --The story of us--Civil War (HQ 720p)
The Presidents of the United States, Episode 3 1849-1865
---Abraham Lincoln starts 22:06 min. into clip and runs to the end 45:16
The Success of Abraham Lincoln (4 min.)
Presidents-Andrew Johnson to Arthur 1865-1885
Mr. Lincoln (Mr. Peel)
Civil War Life 1/3 (8:56 min.) The life of a Civil War Soldier
Civil War Life 2/3 The Battlefield (7:29 min)
The Civil War 3/3The Price of the Civil War
US Civil War Pictures 1861-1865
What was the Civil War? (3.20 min.)
The Civil War: the Cause (3.36 min.)
Civil War by Ken Burns Part 1: the causes
PBS videos on the Civil War
Gettysburg Address
Overview of Civil War
The American Civil War: collection of 44 videos by
Shiloh Battlefield Tour: National Park Service
Antietam Documentary with James Earl Jones
Battle of Fredericksburg: overview National Park Service
Civil War--Gettysburg
Weapons of the Civil War Part 3 of Guns
Gettysburg and stories of Valor Part 1
Gettysburg and Stories of Valor Part 1 (1.23.37 min.)
Gettysburg (1993 version) Extended Movie Version
Johnny Shiloh Movie (about a boy in the north)
Civil War Journal: West Point Classmates-Civil War Enemies
Civil War Journal - Fort Sumpter
Weapons of the Civil War
Antietam Documentary with James Earl Jones
Civil War Journal-Days of Darkness: The Gettysburg Civilians
Videos and Games on the Civil War by NeoK12
"Up From Slavery" Docu-Series-Civil War Episode (5 min.)
Female Heroines of the Civil War (2.19 min)
Encouraging Hearts, Strengthening Hands....(5:57 min.)
A Taste of Civil War Food (4:32 min)
HOE cakes(7:34 min.)
Civil War Campfire: Camping & Cooking by the 114th Illinois Infantry
Civil War Camp Life Reenactment:
Civil War Life:
--Part I(8:52 min.)
--Part II(7:29 min.)
--Part III(6:39 min.)
150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment(17:22 min.)
--Pickett's Charge (16 min.)
Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address...(3:51 min.) from the movie Saving Lincoln.
The Civil War: the Gettysburg Address by PBS Ken Burns(5:23 min.)
The American Civil War-House Divided (28:52)
American Civil War in HD
Assassination of President Lincoln (story of us)


When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Instrumental version
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Mtich Miller Chorus) with scenes from Cold Mountain
The Battle Hymn of the Republic with Civil War pictures
Battle Hymn of the Republic by Johnny Cash and guests
Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
To arms in Dixie: words by Robert E. Lee
Confederate Soldier Song "Johnny Reb" Johnny Horton
Yellow Rose of Texas
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching-details life of a union prisioner
We are Coming Father Abraham
I am a Rebel Soldier
Johnny Cash sings Civil War Songs
God Bless Robert E. Lee - Johnny Cash
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
The 26th North Carolina Regimental Band Civil War Music

Web Sties:

The Social Studies Help Center: pick the topic you want
Civil War Trust
Lincoln Timeline
Abraham Lincoln, Civil War @ the Smithsonian
Abraham Lincoln President by the Civil War Trust
Quotes by Abraham Lincoln by Abraham Lincoln Online
---Selected Quotes by the same
Civil War: Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Accomplishments
Social Studies Help Center Site Map: scroll down through the topics to the one you want
Trigger Events of the Civil War See also chapter 15 with more on trigger events
Slavery in the United States from the Civil War Trust
Civil War Crossword Puzzles from the Civil War Trust
Slavery in America from the History Channel
Civil War and Emancipation
Emancipation Proclamation
The Civil War from Kids Connect
Facts about the Slave Trade and Slavery
Civil War Timeline for Kids
The Civil War at a Glance by National
Illinois in the Civil War
Women in the Civil War
Clara Barton and the Civil War
Library of Congress: Clara Barton
Women in the Civil War (History channel)
Spying in the Civil War (History channel)

Civil War Unit test will include chapters 15 and 16. Use the chapter Power Point presentations as a guide to review all the basics. Remember chapter 15 covers the causes of the Civil War and chapter 16 covers the Civil War events. They go together.
Test Date: (subject to change) will be May 23rd.
This is the study guide. Answers are in your text, the Power Point above, your timeline notes (hope you did them well), debate notes, battle presentations, etc. You have plenty to use to get a good score on this test.

Chapter 17 on Reconstruction will be covered in 8th grade.

Answers to the study guide are below. You must have an updated Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


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