The Nation Expands Unit

Chapters 12-15
This chapter may be used with the Civil War Unit since it contains the causes
and events leading directly to the Civil War.

A Divided Nation

Chapter 15 sections:
Section 1 The Debate over Slavery
Section 2 Trouble in Kansas
Section 3 Political Divisions
Section 4 The Nation Divides


Vocabulary list

A Nation Divided Timeline Notes:

Movie Clips:

On slavery:
Slavery and the Making of America, part 3 of 4 (skip 4;08-4:48)
The American Experience by PBS
---Part 2
---Part 3
---Map, Interactive--The Abolitionists PBS
Harriet Beecher Stowe (3 min) Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Uncle Tom's Cabin - 1987 Movie
Sojourner Truth (3 min)
Harriet Tubman (4:39 min.)
Harriet Tubman with Discovery channel graphics (4 min. with music)
Underground Railroad Freedom Quilt Codes (5:44 min)
Digital Story: Secrets and Codes of the Underground Railroad
On Lincoln:
Lincoln and Douglass debates (3.21.28 min re-enactment)
Lincoln Douglass Debate (11:46 min.)
Lincoln-Douglass Debate performed by actors
Lincoln, westward expansion and the causes of the Civil War
The Civil War: The Cause (1861) episode 1
The Presidents of the United States, Episode 3 1849-1865
---Zachary Taylor (1849-50), Millard Fillmore (1850-53), Franklin Pierce (1853-57), James Buchanan (1857-61),
---Abraham Lincoln (1861-65)
Civil War Journal:
Civil War Journal - John Brown's War
Civil War Journal - Destiny at Fort Sumpter

Web Sites:

The Abolitionists PBS web site
The North and the South from the Civil War Trust
Trigger Events of the Civil War from the Civil War Trust
Slavery in the American South
John Brown and Harper's Ferry
Who was John Brown? by Digital History
Civil War in Art: causes
Trigger for the Civil War
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass - Black History - Includes other famous people in the Civli War Era


Civil War--North Medley--Robert Shaw Choral
Civil War--South Medley--Robert Shaw Choral
Johnny Cash Sings Civil War Songs
Lincoln and Liberty Too
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Dixie by the 2nd South Carolina Band
A Bonnie Blue Flag- Confederate Song
Oh Susana
The Battle Cry of Freedom
The Cavalier's Glee-written by Captain Blackford who served under General J. E. B. Stuart
Lonstreet-The Road We Traveled Instrumental
Johnny Horton-Battle of Bull Run
Civil War Songs and Stories: Swing Low Sweet Chariot


The test for this chapter will be included with the Civil War Unit test since it contains the causes to the Civil War.
See chapter 16.