The Nation Expands Unit

Chapters 12-15

The North

Chapter 12 Sections:
Section 1 The Industrial Revolution in America
Section 2 Changes in Working Life
Section 3 The Transportation Revolution
Section 4 More Technological Advances


Vocabulary list

The Nation Expands Timeline Notes: covers chapters 12, 13, 14


PBS Industrial Revolution: David Maculay (56 min) Mill Times
Industrial Revolution (19 min)
History Turning Points - Industrial Revolution (3 min)
Why the Industrial Revolution HappenedHere HD (Britain)
American Industrial Revolution
Transportation in the Industrial Revolution (MrGsHistoryClass) (3:44 min.)
Water Power and the Industrial Revolution : Dennis Smith
Industrial Revolution (Britain) (58 min)
Transportation Revolution in 1800 (5:34)
World's Greatest Invention: the steam Engine(3:23 min.)
History of steam engines (early drawings put to music, 8 min.)
History of Steam Locomotives Part 1 (14:58)
Animation of How a Steam Locomotive's Boiler Works
A Story of Steam - Railway Documentary
(History Channel) (3:30 min.)History Turning Points-Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution: Transportation (3:07) and trains
Technology of the Industrial Revolution
Factories in the late 1800's(1 min)
American Industries 1800(5 min)
Art history in 1848-about the Industrial Revolution
The Rise of Unions
United We Stand: A History of Labor Unions
Labor History Part One -- The Industrial Revolution
---start about 19 minutes in
The Presidents of the United States, Episode 3 1849-1865
---Zachary Taylor (1849-50), Millard Fillmore (1850-53), Franklin Pierce (1853-57), James Buchanan (1857-61),
---Abraham Lincoln (1861-65)
Lincoln, westward expansion and the causes of the Civil War
Mill Times: Cartoon Story

Web Sites:

Industrial Revolution Research Includes banks, textile industry, steam engines, people, transportation and trade unions
Industrial Revolution Inventors (
Industrial Revolution (History Channel)
Economic Growth and the Early Industrial Revolution (US
Kids Discover: Industrial Revolution
Social Studies for Kids: Industrial Revolution
Fact Monster: Industrial Revolution
American History (Mr.Donn): Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution Inventions Timeline
The History of the Industrial Revolution (
Rise of American Industry US Be sure to click on the middle column top menu for other topics
Textile Industry History Many other related topics are in the left column
A Labor History Timeline
A Brief History of Labor Unions
Labor Union History in America
Social Studies Help Center Site Map: scroll down through the topics to the one you want


The Nation Expands Unit test will happen after chapters 12-14 are covered. Use the chapter Power Point presentations to cover all the basics. Chapter 15 (the causes of the Civil War) will be included with chapter 16 the Civil War Events.