New Republic Unit 1800-1860
Chapters 8-11

Chapter 10 The Age of Jackson 1828-1837

Section 1 Jacksonian Democracy
Section 2 Jackson's Administration
Section 3 Indian Removal


Vocabulary list

Video Clips:

Johnny Horton-Battle of New Orleans This version has the printed verses if you click more underneath the video
Westward-American History in HD
----starts with the origin of the Cumberland Gap;
----Daniel Boone and and fellow explorers move into Kentucky with tension with the Shawnee;200,000 settlers follow.
----Epic tale of Lewis and Clark ( 8 min in ) and the explorers who began to map our the new wilderness lands
--------1805 300 mountain men, Jedediah Smith example (about 12 min in) opens up the west for fur trading and to grizzly bears
--------example of frontier grit, founds trails through wilderness and now it is interstate #15
----1857 Settlers start west in covered wagons (15:36 min in): all ethnic groups in a mass migration to Oregon and California
---------1846 (20:25 min in to about 24:21) the dangerous journey through the mountains, blizzard strands them in feet of snow,
---------Gold Fever 26:56 min in
---The Alamo (27:11 min in), Texas, California (29:34 min in): gold is discovered in the Sierra Nevada 1848: 100,000 people go
---------to mine Gold; Gold Rush is on
-------Sickness (35:32) from cattle; examples of wilderness pioneer families are given
---1830 Jackson's policy on Indian removal (38:27) to reservations
---The Mississippi (40:00) the trade route of the times and the steamboat

Presidents of the United States: Episode 2: section on Jackson is 12:45 min into clip
---Indian Removal Act by Jackson begins at 18:00-18:54
---Nullification Act controversy begins at 19:49-21:17
---Bank war: Henry Clay pushed a bank bill through congress - begin at 21:55--
Andrew Jackson, Good, Evil & the Presidency--PBS documentary
Trail of Tears