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View the first part of Mr. Peel's video on chapter 1-8 for an overview of exciting events

Sections in this chapter:
Section 1: The Earliest Americans
Section 2: Native American Cultures
Section 3: Trading Kingdoms of West Africa
Section 4: Europe before Transatlantic Travel

You will be creating a time line about this chapter.

See the Timeline page for resources.

Extra Credit Assignment: create a timeline about yourself so we all get to know you. This is 10 points.

Extension activities for this chapter:

Project: Story Telling Project

Project: Web Quest: extensions for those who like a challenge


National Geographic: Ancient Americans
European Explorers - Map in Motion
Spanish Explorers 1513-1598 - Map in MotionMaps and Games

Web Sites:

Land Bridge TheoryAmerican Indians Chronological TableAncient AmericaSocial Studies for Kids: Ancient AmericaThe world before the opening of the atlantic to 1500
The Field Museum: The Ancient AmericasBlack Ancient AmericansAncient Civilizations of the Incas, Aztec and MayansWest African EmpiresWest African Trading Kingdoms1000 years of West African SuperpowersHow Stuff Works video: Mali Empire (watch out for the advertising clip in front)Presentations in PowerPoint format for Ancient Civilizations: this site has a long list of civilizations we are studyingThe Middle AgesMore sites about Indians
You will have to use the web site's search widow to find more about Indians on some web pages





Sites about Greek and Roman Government
Free PowerPoints on Ancient Greece

List of American Indian Books
Check out History.com and type in paleo-indians or early Indians in America
Early Societies in Native American CulturesSocratesSocrates for kidsAncient world in Greece powerpointAncient Rome and ChristianityMiddle Ages"Would You Explore?" - Introduction Video to the Explorer Unit (1.5 minutes)
YouTube Documentary on American Indians
Explorer Arcade Game
Hear the text as you read.
Interactive ActivitiesAncient Americans: hangman
Vocabulary flash cards

Create your own jeopardy game

Early Civilizations

Early Mesoamerican Civilizations
Mayas, Aztecs and Incas
The Maya

First Americans
Early Indians

Explorers flashcards
Native People of the Plains
Native Americans: rags to riches
Native Am of the Southwest
Native Am of the Northwest
Native Americans from the Eastern Woodlands: battleship
The Great Plaines: cloze activity

Middle Ages for Kids: games

Practice test
Mesoamerican Civilizations Test